Friday, July 21, 2017

EuroStars Visit Washington to Play DC Scandal

The second game of the EuroStars Tour visits the DC-area to take on D.C. Scandal.

WHEN: Sunday, July 23 @ 6pm

WHERE: Wakefield High School, 1325 S Dinwiddie St, Arlington, Virginia 22206

TICKETS: Youth (<18): $5; Adult pre-purchased: $10; Adult at the door: $15

A free girls clinic from 5-6PM will precede the game.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Medal History for Flying Disc (Mixed Ultimate) at The World Games

The quadrennial World Games opens today with Flying Disc (mixed ultimate) scheduled for play on Thursday through Saturday. In its history, only 4 countries have medaled at The World Games in the Trend Sport of Flying Disc.

USA has won gold in flying disc at 3 of the 4 World Games; and 3 of the last 4. Canada is the only other country to win gold in flying disc. USA has won the most medals (4), followed by Australia, Canada - both with 3, and then Japan (2).

Based on the WUGC 2016 results, the five participating countries at The World Games in  Wroclaw, Poland are: United States of America, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Canada, plus the host country of Poland.

[Data via TWG; chart by SLUDGE]

Design of US World Games Ultimate Team Gear Inspired by Olympic Uniforms

Five Ultimate gives a really cool behind-the-scenes look at the design process of the U.S. ultimate team gear for The 2017 World Games. 
The inspiration for a shield logo (above) was the Olympic Diving Team...from 1932

The uniform designs (below) were said to be influenced by Nike U.S. track uniforms from the 2016 Olympics and the Turkish women's basketball jerseys (2016).

Check out all the USNT 2017 designs from Five Ultimate.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How Kurt Gibson Got Injured

Evan Lepler via Tuesday Toss: Week 16 gives details on Kurt Gibson's pectoral injury - specifically how Kurt got hurt. The injury occurred during a trip to play ultimate, but was non-ultimate related.

Gibson...suffered a torn pectoral muscle while 'jumping off a cliff in the Philippines' before the AUDL season began.

The injury occurred in early March while attending the Boon Rock Star Cup, an ultimate event in the Philippines that Gibson attended along with Jimmy Mickle. During a day excursion in Boracay, there were several people jumping off platforms of different heights into the ocean. Multiple times, Gibson leapt off an elevated diving board that was about eight meters high. Fearful of getting injured, he chose not to attempt the highest board. When he jumped off the same rock platform and into the water for a fourth and final time, he 'landed really weird.'
"As soon as I hit the water," he explains, "my body went down and my arm got caught on the surface and it pulled my arm up when I was kind of flexing, I guess; so that tore my tendon off the bone, and they had to sew it back on the bone. It wasn't too fun."

The injury prevented Gibson from participating in USA National Team and competing at The World Games. Gibson has fully recovered and played his first game of the AUDL 2017 with Dallas Roughnecks on Saturday. Additionally, Gibson plans to return to Boston Ironside for USAU Triple Crown Tour.

Map: Roster of TWG USA Ultimate National Team

Fourteen players were selected to represent the USA at The World Games in Poland. Nine different club teams are represented on the USA National Team. Half of USA's roster plays for club teams in San Francisco; 3 from Fury and 4 from Revolver. Seattle is the only other location with multiple representation - 1 on Riot and 1 on Sockeye. Washington, D.C. Scandal, Denver Bravo, Madison Heist, New York PoNY and Boston Brute quad each have 1 player on the US roster. 

Georgia Bosscher (Heist)
Claire Desmond (Fury)
Carolyn Finney (Fury)
Dylan Freechild (Sockeye)
Sarah Griffith (Riot)
Lien Hoffman (Brute Squad)
Sandy Jorgensen (Scandal)
Beau Kittredge (Revolver)
Chris Kocher PonY)
Grant Lindsley (Revolver)
Jimmy Mickle (Bravo)
Anna Nazarov (Fury)
Nick Stuart (Revolver)
George Stubbs (Revolver)

[Map demonstrating club team location, not player residence. Data via USAU; map chart by SLUDGE]

USA Ultimate 2017 Championships: Masters Division

The USA Ultimate 2017 Masters Championships is scheduled for July 21 - 23 in Aurora, Colorado.
# of  Teams by Division
Women's Masters (30+) = 16
Men's Masters (33+) = 16
Mixed Masters (33+ for males / 30+ for females) = 12
Women's Grand Masters (37+) = 6
Men's Grand Masters (40+) = 16
Great Grand Masters (50+ for males / 45+ for females) = 11